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The Homeless Mind

The fifth instalment of exclusive short stories written by brian throughout September 2012.

On a fine spring night, the moon was all but full. The countryside was hushed and a wind blew across Southern England.
That wind carried unusual micro-organisms, brought from a Kent laboratory. The micro-organisms, harmless enough, induced a temporary increased intelligence in all it met with.

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Various Ruinations

Part 4 in Brian’s September 2012 short story series.


Guy Beckersund flew down from Rio to Montevideo. He found there a capital city standing in crumbling magnificence.

He liked it. His film-making habit told him that the city would make a wonderful background for a thriller movie.

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The Poetry of Vladimir Lenin

This is the third instalment of short stories from Brian’s month long attempt at writinga  short story a day for the month of September 2012. Enjoy


Somewhere in an old dusty book written by a young woman, I came across a line of poetry which runs in English as follows: ‘In the village of Shushensk, beneath the mountains of Sayansk…’ Nothing more.

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The Silent Cosmos

Short story number 2 in a series taken from a month’s long attempt at writing a short story a day in September 2012.


It was Sacred Day 35 by our reckoning and I was so proud. To me was awarded an Aspects of Resistance, Second Grade, by the Master Insuffaller himself. I swore to deny the Western Scientific Approach and went down on my knees, where my forehead touched the stone floor.

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The Inextinguishable Fire

We’ll be publishing some exclusive new short stories on the blog. Right now Brian is just finishing up on a months’ worth of writing a short story each day so look out for plenty more!


Derek Barnes paced back and forth, thinking joyfully how wonderful he was.
Never had he felt such delight before. His ambitious mural had just been accepted by the town council. It would form the centrepiece of the planned memorial to the Fallen of Royal Signals (financed by a wealthy local man who had served in Signals in WW2). That was a part of Barnes’ developing artistic side-line.

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The Squire Quartet is Reissued


With Life in the West, E-Reads launches Brian Aldiss’s Squire Quartet, back in print after thirty years and available in e-book for the first time.

Thomas C. Squire, creator of the hit documentary series Frankenstein Among the Arts, one-time secret agent and founder of the Society for Popular aesthetics, is attending an international media symposium in Sicily. It is here that he becomes involved with lovely, but calculating Selina Ajdina.

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Helliconia Map

30 years of Helliconia

Barely the twinkling of an eye on planet Helliconia, planet Earth has enjoyed 30 years reading the trilogy of Helliconia’s, the Spring edition of which was now first published by New Wave grandmaster Brian Aldiss back in 1982.

To celebrate, the Aldiss estate in conjunction with literary agents Curtis Brown and publishers Gollancz will be giving away some signed copies of the latest publication of the trilogy.

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Bodleian Library Publishes An Exile on Planet Earth

Brian launched his latest publication – An Exile on Planet Earth – at a evening at the Bodleian Library, publishers of this most recent piece of work. A good audience assembled to hear Brian read passages from the essays contained within, and to hear responses to their own posed questions. Wine and a signing followed.

It was a wonderful evening and lovely to see so many friends and family present.

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Brian Aldiss wins SFX Magazine’s Outstanding Literary Contribution Award 2012

Old news we know but here are two lovely photos of Brian collecting his SFX 2012 Outstanding Literary Contribution Award and a standing ovation from the 4000-strong audience.

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HarperCollins buys rights to entire Aldiss back catalogue

Here’s an article in full outlining the fantastic deal struck by literary agent Gordon Wise at Curtis Brown for a very large chunk of Brian’s entire back catalogue of work. Congratulations to Harper Collins!

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