Publisher’s Blurb
Here is an adventure story complete with such traditional ingredients as a lost tribe, sinister traces of a mighty former civilisation, and a hero, Roy Complain, who, purged by peril, comes eventually to find himself. But these classic ingredients have undergone a romantic metamorphosis: no tribe has ever been more thoroughly lost than the Greene tribe, and when Roy Complain and Priest Marapper set our for the fabled region called Forwards, they are heading for a series of shocks which will surprise the most hardened reader. For this is science fiction at its best, a realm where the logical happening is the unexpected one.

Brian Says

The author’s first SF novel, immediately well received. Where are Roy Complain, Marapper and the rest of the Greene tribe? Well, they are tunnelling through hydroponic entanglements in a vast starship; so many human generations have passed that the ship itself has become their world. And where in the universe is the Starship? Many revelations follow, seen through the eyes of Complain.

FIRST EDITION: Faber & Faber, 1958ITION: Jonathan Cape, 1980

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