Brothers of the Head

Publisher’s Blurb
Brian Aldiss has written a subtle and compelling story about Siamese twin boys with a third dormant head, who grow up on a stretch of untamed Norfolk coastline, wild and resentful of their state. They become rock stars and their demon energy and freakish attraction assures them brief super-stardom. But with success the insurmountable stresses in their own relationship result in terrible struggles and jealousies over the woman in their life. Throughout the turbulence of their last months the sinister third head makes increasing demands for its right to life . . .

Brian Says

Into the world of rock ‘n’ roll are launched English Siamese twins as a freaky pop group, until their hatred of each other tears them apart. They are simple country lads; are they exploited? This documentary-type movie is heavily influenced by my introduction to Tom and Barry Howe in 1975. These conjoined twins were members of the band “The Bang Bang”. (See a mention in my book, “Life in the West”.)
Brothers of the Head is a story with allegorical elements, as related by various characters involved in the tragedy. The film has great drive and conviction, and is memorably photographed.

FIRST EDITION: Pierrot Publishing, 1977

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