Indoors with Delilah
An e-book, in .pdf format, containing fifty of Brian’s delightful mini-sagas.

Short Stories
Seven short stories, mostly not available anywhere else: Tomorrow’s Yesterdays, The Skeleton, A Better Morphosis, Tralee of Young Man, An Innovation Concerning Horses, Sunlight and The Man and a Man With His Mule.

This section contains a selection of Aldiss journalism from sources such as newspapers like The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph to respected journals such as Nature. Included is a re-written version of three articles from The Guardian on Aldiss’ experiences with movie directors who were interested in filming his novels – perhaps the definitive low-down on why Kubrick never made A. I.

Novel Excerpts
Excerpts selected by Brian from five of his most recent novels: The Cretan Teat, Jocasta, Superstate, White Mars and Walcot.

A very long autobiographical essay, The Glass Forest, an article on the Helliconia Trilogy, Helliconia: How and Why and the transcript of a long conversation with science fiction writer James Blish recorded in the 1970s.

The Rules
There must be rules, so: The stories, novel excerpts, articles and reviews included here are freely offered for the reading pleasure of visitors to this site. Nothing here is copyright free, you do not have the right to reproduce this material in any form, anywhere, without the prior consent in writing of Brian Aldiss. All material here, whether so marked or not, is copyright © Brian W. Aldiss, 2008.

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