The Hand-Reared Boy

Publisher’s Blurb
The tone of The Hand-Reared Boy is lightly humorous, with a sentiment that never drops into sentimentality. It presents without swagger, much that is not easy to accept.
Brian Says

Young Horatio Stubbs suffers the pangs of adolescence, but is weaned from the pleasures of masturbation by the delights offered by his school’s nursing sister, who is not all she seems. The novel became a great scandal in England, where it was rejected by thirteen publishers, and caused a law-suit – as a result of which it became a bestseller.

FIRST EDITION: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1970

 1 Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1970 – reprinted 1970, 1971, 1978 Hardcover
2 McCall Publishing Co., New York, 1970 Hardcover
3 Signet Books, New York, 1971 Paperback
4 Corgi Books, London, 1971 – reprinted 1971 (twice), 1972, 1973 (twice), 1974, 1979 Paperback
5 as: Horatio, een Welopgevoede Jongen, Meulenhoff, Amsterdam, 1971 Paperback
6 as: Gross Durch Eigene Hand, Gala, Hamburg, 1971 Hardcover
7 as: Un Petit Garcon Elévé á La Main, Henri Veyrier, Paris, 1977 Paperback
8 Sanrio, Tokyo, 1980 Paperback
9 as: Mano Dura, Ultramar, Madrid, 1981 Paperback
10 in: The Horatio Stubbs Saga. Panther Granada, London, 1985 Paperback
11 as: Mano Dura, Salvat Editores, Barcelona, 1987 Paperback
12 Souvenir Press, London, 1999 Paperback
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