Trillion Year Spree

Publisher’s Blurb
Trillion Year Spree is the first book ever to present a comprehensive history of science fiction. Since an earlier version was published in 1973, science fiction has gained enormous popularity, not only in book and magazine form but in other media, most vividly on wide screen. From the earliest showing of Star Wars onwards, there has just been no stopping SF. This new version, twice the size of the old one, is virtually a new book. Every chapter has been revised. The whole story has been brought up-to-date.

Brian Says

A revised and enlarged version of Billion Year Spree. Much had happened in the SF world between 1973 and 1986. The greate expansion of interest is reflected in the extended length of Trillion, 275,000 words long, against Billion’s 140,000 words. This was the first book to go through Margaret Aldiss’s Olivetti word processor. Much praised, much damned, its wit, brio, and good humour often overlooked. But surely a well-read book, which seeks to give a clear overview of the literature since the Gothic novel and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – without any self-puffery.

FIRST EDITION: Victor Gollancz, 1986

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