A Rude Awakening

Publisher’s Blurb
Horatio Stubbs is in trouble with women – not for the first time. For the first time, however, he is enjoying considerable success. Margey has yielded to his repulsive charms and wants to marry him. Yet a suspicion remains – are Margey’s motives pure, considering that (well, you have to face facts if you can’t escape them) she is probably a whore. Katie Chae is unmistakably a whore and does not wish to marry Horatio. Horatio is in luck there. A Dutch girl, Raddle, also has her eye, and sometimes her thigh, on him.

Brian Says

In the third (and last) of the Hand Reared Boy series, equatorial juices flow. Stubbs is now in Sumatra, the official war being over. But the birth pains of the new Indonesian republic interfere with Stubbs’s sexual involvements with, among others, two Chinese ladies.

FIRST EDITION: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1978

 1 Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1978 Hardcover
2 Random House, New York, 1979 Hardcover
3 Corgi Books, London, 1979 Paperback
4 as: Un Rude Réveil, Henri Veyrier, Paris, 1979 Paperback
5 Charter Books, New York, 1980 Paperback
6 as: Sper Vuur, Playboy Humour, Amsterdam, 1985 Paperback
7 Sanrio, Tokyo, 1986 Paperback
8 House of Stratus, London, 2001 Paperback

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