Moreau’s Other Island


Publisher’s Blurb
In the early months of war in 1996, the space capsule Leda is sabotaged on its return trip from the moon, killing one person on impact and leaving three to drift in a liferaft in the middle of the Pacific. Only one of these – U. S. Under-Secretary of State, Calvert Madle Roberts – survives to see the cliffs of an island dominated by a huge letter M.
The appearance of this island’s inhabitants comes a a considerable shock to Roberts – though human, they are disfigured by bizarre forms of bestiality so that it is almost impossible to say whether they are human or animal. The sinister genius responsible for their condition is Mortimer Dart, a thalidomide victim whose fascination for human deformity has led to a series of experiments duplicating those of H. G. Wells’s legendary Dr. Moreau. That, at least, is how they began.

Brian Says

An updating of the H. G. Wells classic, The Island of Dr. Moreau, in the manner of Frankenstein Unbound. When Calvert Roberts is cast ashore on this new version of the island, he finds that he has himself rubber-stamped the authorisation for funding of Dart’s (the Moreau figure) experiments. Dart is a cyborgised thalidomide victim.

FIRST EDITION: Jonathan Cape, 1980ITION: Jonathan Cape, 1980

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