The Primal Urge


Publisher’s Blurb
In the long tide of history, the world-famous reticence of the British is a very recent development. Less than a hundred years old in fact. The rakish ways of the regency, the roistering Restoration and the downright rowdyism of the Tudor era are older and more firmlyb rooted traditions among these tough island people that Victorian middle-class morality or latter day neo-Freudianism.

It needed only a gadget – a mechanical marvel – to make the British dispense with polite fol-de-rol and come right out with the view that sex does exist. Once having admitted this, the English Government, always fiercely partisan in their gloriously muddle-headed fashion, refused to permit anybody to be without sex.

Brian Says

All over England, ERs (Emotion Registers) are being installed on foreheads under the direction of the National Health Service. They indicate red when the wearer is experiencing sexual attraction. Thus James Solent comes under the influence of both Rose English and Dr Croolter B. Kind, a defrocked Canadian Alientist. A romantic satirical comedy with a gasoline sweet ending, and a rather uncertain companion to The Male Response. Banned in Ireland.

FIRST EDITION: Ballantine Books, 1961

1 Ballantine Books, New York, 1961 Paperback
2 as Lampada del Sesso, SFBC, Piacenza, 1964 Hardcover
3 Sphere Books, London, 1967 – reprinted 1969, 1972 Paperback
4 in A Brian Aldiss Ominibus, Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1969 Hardcover
5 Panther Books, London, 1976 – reprinted 1978 Paperback
6 as Brent Ein Licht, Bastei Lübbe, Bergisch Gladbach, 1985 Paperback
7 House of Stratus, London, 2001 Paperback
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