The Year Before


Publisher’s Blurb
All over the world corrupt dictatorships and fascist regimes have seized power – except in the Scandinavian countries. Here, in obscurity, an enclave of freedom still survives. But which Scandinavia are we talking about, and in which world?
In The Year Before Yesterday, Brian Aldiss playfully takes the predictive visions of yesterday and transplants them into a disturbingly realistic global future. Alternate worlds are woven into the everyday life of a man faced with a personal crisis, and as fiction and reality intersect, nothing is exactly as it seems.

Brian Says

Includes revised versions of The Impossible Smile and Vanguard from Alpha. A novel put together to please a friend in America (Charles Platt) — never a very practical aim. The passages regarding Finland are quite amusing.

FIRST EDITION: Franklin Watts, 1987

1 Franklin Watts, New York, 1987 Hardcover
2 Kerosina Books, Worcester Park, Surrey, 1987 Hardcover
3 St Martin’s Press, New York, 1988 Paperback
4 New English Library, London, 1989 Paperback
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