The Interpreter

the-interpreter-4 the-interpreter-3 the-interpreter-2 the-interpreter

Publisher’s Blurb
The time is a distant, infinite future. The place is earth-a minor planet in a universe enslaved by an alien race.a charge of corruption in their tyrannical regime leads to a threat of human rebellion. For Gary Towler, chief interpreter to the aliens, the situation is desperate. After eons of servitude, he has one chance to free earth.

Earthman Gary Towler is a pariah. He must interpret the will of the Nuls who rule his planet, Earth, and he’s running out of time to overthrow their plans…
The time: thousands of years hence. The whole of the known universe is dominated by the Nuls, a huge, three-armed race, almost as old as time itself.

A charge of Nul corruption on an insignificant planet called Earth sets off a dramatic chain of events.


FIRST EDITION: Digit, 1960ITION: Jonathan Cape, 1980

1. Digit R506, 1960 Paperback
2. Foursquare 1970, 1967 Paperback



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