The Canopy of Time

Publisher’s Blurb
Aldiss’s subjects are the traditional ones of human love and aspiration – even his class-conscious robots in ‘Who Can Replace a Man?’ are oddly human – his originality lies in the use of time as an active participant in his stories. So here we find lovers defying the Mating Centre, the man who believed himself to be the Messiah, the film director who came too near to a city’s secrets, and – in the last and longest story – a conqueror who found only shadows to greet him.

Brian Says

An eleven story collection, the stories revised from their original appearances, and with linked commentary. Originally a chronicle-novel of the future inset with stories, this version contains only the stories. Canopy is a vision of a depopulated earth which eventually becomes the centre of a civilised – but disposable – galaxy.

FIRST EDITION: Faber & Faber, 1959

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