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Finches of Mars Signing and Book Launch


I was very proud to be able to accompany dad to the launch party for his latest (and possibly last) science fiction novel Finches of Mars. Ahead of the evening’s festivities dad had a session signing books at the legendary Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue.

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E-Reads Acquires Brian Aldiss Backlist

The family is very pleased to finally hear the announcement of a deal with Harper Collins for rights to Dad’s entire back catalogue. Below is a press release in full (19th Jan 2012).

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NASA probe Keplar discovers Helliconia!

Extraordinary news this week from NASA that their Keplar probe has discovered a planet with 2 suns in the distant Cygnus constellation. Christened (for the time-being) Keplar 16 B the planet has both an orange sun and a red sun, and is thought to be a mostly gaseous planet the size of Saturn about 200 light years away.

Brian had this to say of the news:

Perhaps you have already seen the astonishing news, announced on the front page of the ‘New York Times’ last week and elsewhere.

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An evening with Aldiss, Morcock, Spinrad & Clute #outofthisworld

What an enjoyable evening at The British Library watching Dad (Brian Aldiss), Michael Morcock, Norman Spinrad and John Clute talking about Science Fictions’ apparent heyday, and the so called New Wave Aldiss, Morcock and Spinrad belonged to back then.

Roz Kaveney did a great job of chairing the evening, and opened by asking Aldiss about TS Elliott and James Joyce. Elliott was Aldiss’s boss when he worked at the Times Literary Supplement. Allegedly Elliott never read Aldiss, but CS Lewis did.

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Hubris Clobbered by Nemesis

Here’s an old Times article that’s worth reviving. The article argues that as a genre science fiction is overlooked for a number of reasons.

It also features one of my favourite quotes: a definition of Science Fiction as “Hubris clobbered by Nemesis”.

It was published in 2007… do you think much has changed?

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