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New NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters

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NASA’s own exoplanet travel posters

NASA’s own series of exoplanet travel posters

How about these beautiful pieces of poster artwork commissioned by NASA themselves to help inspire a generation to stay on board with the space discovery missions being run by NASA. Commissioned to look like art deco 1930’s era classic poster-work they certainly evoke memories of some classic science fiction artwork and could easily adorn any boys bedroom wall (and even their dad’s!)

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Aldous Huxley smoking, circa 1946

Friendships: Aldous Huxley

Brian’s UK publishers The Friday Project is curating a series of short anecdotes that Brian has written about some of the many literary greats that he has been fortunate enough to know and meet over his illustrious career, and others that he has simply admired.

In a short series here on Brian’s blog we publish some appetisers ahead of their collated publication. We’ll be featuring the following friendships. For a list of all current friendship stories in the pipeline scroll down:

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Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing’s Work

On the 29th November, with my partner, Alison Soskice, I was one of the many who attended the last rites of that darling writer, DORIS LESSING. The ceremony was held on the outskirts of London, conducted by a woman of the British Humanist Association. So no religion there, then. placemats”
I sat most of the time with Tom Mashler, once the head of Jonathan Cape and publisher of both Doris and me. Doris wrote five

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